Planetary Rotary Gearbox design and manufacturer
Patriot Sys Rotary Actuators Custom electromechanical Manufacturer designed military


Travel Range: 360 Degrees 

Output Torque / Shaft: 63.5 in-lbs

Output Speed / Shaft 1630 rpm

Size: 10” x 6.75” x¬†6”

Manual Drive Option

Dual Output Shafts

Torque limiting Slip Clutch

Planetary / Spur / Bevel Gears

Superior Motion Control replaced the current manufacturer of this planetary gearbox by developing a custom design to meet an Army specification for the Patriot Program in support of Raytheon. The designed planetary gearbox passed all environmental and life qualification requirements.

Superior Motion Control Custom design manufacturer military linear actuator gear box Zumwalt with custom Hatch Actuator Unit on Vertical Launch System

Patriot Antenna Drive Rotary Actuator - Raytheon