Linear actuators Manufacturer custom design planetary gearbox machine part

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage:  22-28 VDC

Max Current:  9.5 Amps

Mechanical Specifications

Travel Range: 7 or 5.2 inches

Force: 3254 lbs

Size: 2 ” x 5 ” x 16”

Speed:  0.3 inches / second.

Superior Motion Control's engineering team developed a linear actuator for FLIR sensor deployment on an aircraft for Northrop Grumman.  The design consists of a custom motor and gear train coupled to a precision screw for linear actuation.  A second generation of the linear actuator was developed which included a manual drive input for loss of power.

Linear actuator manual drive Manufacturer custom design
Superior Motion Control Custom design manufacturer military linear actuator gear box

FLIR Linear Actuators - Northrop Grumman

Zumwalt with custom Hatch Actuator Unit on Vertical Launch System