Hinge Custom complex machine parts gear cutting, hobbing, shaping
MK41 Custom complex machine part gear cutting, hobbing, shaping
AGS Custom complex machine parts gear cutting, hobbing, shaping

Superior does more than machine these complex parts.  Customer drawings are reviewed and alternative cost effective solutions are suggested.  On a Build-To-Print early in the design, manufacturing proposed to change from 17-4 solid to use a forging.  This resulted in an initial savings of over $1 Million Dollars on this Build-To-Print.

Superior Motion Control Custom design manufacturer military linear actuator gear box Zumwalt with custom Hatch Actuator Unit on Vertical Launch System

Superior meets the military requirements by using such materials as Inconel, 17-4, forgings and castings.

Complex Machine Parts

Superior Motion Control supplies many complex machine parts for the DDG1000 MK-57 Vertical Launch System (VLS). 


These include:  Housings, Links, Worm Gearing, Spur Gearing, Helical Gearing, Crank Shafts, Splined Shafts, Splined Hubs, Trunnions and Hinge Brackets.