Custom manufacturer Hatch Actuator Unit for Missile on MK-57 Vertical Launch System

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage:  28 VDC Controller

Supply Voltage:  375 VDC Drive

Max Current:  60 Amps

Bandwidth:  0.5 Hertz

Com: Optoisolated RS-422, 115 KBPS

Mechanical Specifications

Travel Range: 160 Degrees

Accuracy:  +  0.2 Degrees

Torque: 15,000 in-lbs

Size:  16” x 23 ” x 10”

Operation:  Open or Close <1 Sec.

Superior Motion Control's design incorporated a custom motor, controller and gearbox to create an integrated Hatch Actuator Unit (HAU) for opening and closing the missile hatches on the DDG-100 (Zumwalt Destroyer). This is integral to the MK-57 Vertical Launch System (VLS).


Missile Launch from custom manufacture Hatch Actuator Unit (HAU) on MK-57 VLS
Superior Motion Control Custom design manufacturer military linear actuator gear box

Zumwalt Hatch Actuator Unit - Raytheon

Zumwalt with custom Hatch Actuator Unit on Vertical Launch System
MK-57 VLS Vertical Launch System electromechanical rotary actuator Planetary motor Controller military manufacturer