Superior aerospace Actuators custom military aircraft electromechanical manufacturer

Superior designed, manufactured and qualified a linear electromechanical actuator to replace the incumbent.  The linear actuator is the locking mechanism on the Cargo Ramp of the C-17. The linear actuator uses the spring to extend and power to retract. 

uperior Custom Design Qualified Linear aerospace Actuator electromechanical manufacturer
Boeing C-17 CRLA Cargo Ramp Lock Linear Actuator custom clutch design electromechanical manufacturer
Superior Motion Control Custom design manufacturer military linear actuator gear box

C-17 Cargo Ramp Lock Actuator - Boeing

Zumwalt with custom Hatch Actuator Unit on Vertical Launch System
Mechanical Specifications

Travel Range: 1 inch

Force: 700 lbs (Extend) 250 lbs (Retract)

Size: 2.8" x 5.2" x 10.7"


Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage: 19.5 - 29 VDC 

Max Current:  5 Amps